best kiss mtv movie awards

oh, i love it so much :)
time to watch the notebook ?

favorite movie of all time? eh, at least one of them :)


I watched 'The Bachelor Pad' episode from this week last night..
oh my, why can't they just kick off Vienna.. I really really don't like her.. I love Jake and i think that the other contestents is just gunning for Vienna and Kasey to win.. And i really really don't want that to happen!
Someone needs to man up and kick them out..

On an other subject, how cute are Kirk and Ella :)
i love that theres love in the house and i also hoping for Michael and Holly to get back together.. I really really want that :)

And bad news on the love front ..
If the show hasn't beaten that spirit out of you already: Ames Brown and Jackie Gordon, who left together and in love, are no longer together. "It was wonderful while it lasted," though it lasted only a couple weeks, said Ames in their post-show conference call, adding that he does not regret leaving the show with Jackie, who was eliminated.


american pie, reunion :)

Its coming a new american pie movie to town,
oh yes.. its the REUNION we all have been waiting for ..
Amazing right ?

Can't wait..
For more info on the movie click ---> here

And for more movie updates,
BE BACK .. 'cause i will be! :)

and sorry for the bad updates lately , im working on that ;)


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