Something borrowed

So I watched the new movie "something borrowed" last night! It was actually kind of awesome :)
But Kate Hudson in this roll, I love her always but this roll is a big no no!
Such a horrible person! :)

But anyway, I can recommend it as the love freak I am!

twilight saga, breaking dawn part 1

well , its time to talk about it ..
i can't wait until it comes out .. but i found a new trailer the other day and i thought that you might like it so here it is :) enjoy! :)

the twilight saga, breaking dawn part 1 in theaters november 18 .. :)

one day

just was at the movies ..
and we saw "one day" with Anne Hathaway..
it was a good movie if you take away the ending ..
so if you like movies with happy endings ,
don't see this one ..

have a good one :)


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