one direction

oh, im on a major one direction kick..
fixing a list on spotify that is awesome,
1D and Rascal flatts..
you can check it out here :)
and the 1D member that is cutest - well no contest!
Niall Horan on twitter
so C U T E ..
haha, i have a thing for the blonde ones.

top 5 .. criminal minds fave moments

Top 5 criminal minds fave moments

» when Morgan comes out of the shower in Garcia's apartment (youtube clip here)
» JJ finally fessing up (youtube clip below)
» JJ, Garcia and Prentiss diss a guy at a bar (youtube clip here)
» Garcia meets Kevin Lynch (youtube clip here)
» JJ "ask me again" (youtube clip here)
as you can see i love the LOVE between JJ and Will.
Criminal Minds (on IMDb)

Offline for a while

Having a crazy criminal minds marathon, is on season 4 right now. Just watched the episode where Jackson Rathbone plays Adam Jackson/Amanda and I'm in awe of the performance..

What's your favorite criminal minds moment?
I'm doing a top 5 on that later, I think ;)



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