friends quote of the day

if you want your day to be a whole lot better,
watch 'friends' :)

Joey: "Ducks is heads because ducks have heads"
Chandler: "What kind of scary as clowns came to your birthday"

movie weekend

so this weekend has been all about the movies, i have been in Malmö and watched two of them on the big screen..

this saturday it was Amazing Spider-Man time..
and i have to say, it's similar to the old ones but still till was as the title inplies, amazing..
i say it in 3D, and i can really recomend it..
9 of 10 dummies..

and then yesterday it was Rock of Ages that was on the agenda.. great music and wonderfull actors.. coudn't wish for a better end to the weekend.. :)
in love with julianne hough !
9 of 10 dummies..

dummie out :)

if you want some happy :)

makes my day every time i watch it.. :)

selena gomez, justin bieber, ashley tisdale :)


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