the other woman

I say this movie on Friday, and it is hilarious. If you like me measure if a movie is good or not by feeling after the movie if you want to go right back in and see it again I can really recommend this one.
The movie starts with Cameron Diaz character Carly believing she is dating a great guy, who she has dated a few months. And she soon finds out that he has a wife, who is played by Leslie Mann, she is so funny in this movie I can't take it! Carly and Kate's (the wife) friendship is a crazy one but an amazing one.
Even though the movie starts like a romantic comedy, it is more about friendship and things that you have to go through in life to come out on top at the other end.
I'm definitely buying this one :)

the voice - live top 12

the lives, week one!
America, now it's your turn to vote, so pick the right ones!
My favorites below.
» Team Usher
Bria Kelly, Josh Kaufman
» Team Adam
Christina Grimmie
» Team Shakira
Kristen Merlin
» Team Blake
Sisaundra Lewis, Jake Worthington
But it's crazy, I could root for everyone this season, they are sooooo good, my favorites are the ones I think have a change to win the whole thing. Maybe they will change as the season goes by, but you know I'm going to keep you updated about that! :)
My absolute favorites is now and will always be Team Blake's Jake Worthington and Team Usher's Josh Kaufman

vote for me

I need your votes and I'm going to get to watch like 1 movie a week all summer as a job. To vote click here and then click on "rösta" under the video, thanks :)


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