Gavin DeGraw - Stockholm 9/3

Well the reason I'm up this early on a Sunday is because I have a 5 hour train raid in front of me, but it is all worth just to see one of my all time favorites perform!
It's been my dream a long time and now the day is finally here #MakeAMoveTour
All the songs on the album is great but I have some favorites, you can check them out on Spotify by clicking the arrows next to the songs below!
» Everything will Change
» Make a Move
» Heartbreak
» Finest Hour
And also, some of my all time favorite Gavin DeGraw songs.
» Soldier (from the album "Sweeter")
» Dancing Shoes (from the album "FREE")
» She holds the Key (from the album "Gavin DeGraw")
» We Belong Together (from the album "Gavin DeGraw")
» I Don't Want To Be (from the album "Chariot" and from the TV series "One Tree Hill")
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