"The Voice" Battles - Week Two

My favorites from this weeks of battles is:
Team Blake - Alaska and Madi (Eliminated), Kaleigh Glanton, Ryan Whyte Maloney
Team Usher - Tanner James (Eliminated), Bria Kelly, Cierra Mickens (Stolen from Team Shakira)
Team Adam - Austin Ellis (Eliminated), Josh Kaufman, Cary Laine (Eliminated), Sam Behymer, Christina Grimmie
Team Shakira - Josh Murley (Stolen from Team Adam), Kristen Merlin, Emily B.
And I'm with Adam on the "you are crazy" remark to Usher when he didn't steel Alaska and Madi, I also loved Austin Ellis that also got eliminated. So sad when there are soooo many good artists, and the second week of battles is just heart crushing for me. Many of my favorites get eliminated as you can see above!
Tomorrow the "battles round 2" begins!


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