movie friday
Written: 2014-04-23 ♥ 13:57:02

so this friday i'm going to have a movie madness moment, i just booked two tickets to the cinema. First i'm going to see the comedy "the other woman" with Cameron Diaz and then i'm going to see "the Amazing Spider-man 2" with real life couple Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.
Check out the trailer for "the Other Woman" here « and the trailer for "Amazing Spider-Man 2" you can check out below ↓

youtube music-stars
Written: 2014-04-22 ♥ 10:27:36

I found this guy yesterday, and he is amazing. I just can't stop listening to him.
Check him out here » Leroy Sanchez
I also recommend these guys if you just love Youtubers :)
» MKTO - Classic cover with Gray Robinson
» Ed Sheeran - Give Me Love cover by Adam Garrett
» Jason Kertson feat. Isaac Hernandez - Somebody Like You
» John Legend - All Of Me cover by Corey Gray
» Capital Cities - Safe And Sound cover by Max Schneider (ft. Zendaya, Kina Grannis, Kurt Schneider)
also check out this amazing cover of "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen below ↓

Written: 2014-04-18 ♥ 13:09:37

Dancing with the Stars episode 5, I'm really sad that Cody and Witney got eliminated, #CodyWitClique forever. But there is many amazing couples left. I'm rooting (as always) for the Chmerkovskiy brothers, Maks and Val. But Derek Hough is always a favorite too and also Mark Ballas.
We are just going to wait and see who takes home the mirror ball trofée this season!
I'm in love with James Maslow and Peta Murgatroyd and especially after the performance this week, Disney week. They may win the whole thing, and they are amazing!

Battle of the Year
Written: 2014-04-18 ♥ 10:05:48

So this movie is a dance movie, the kind of movie I always fall in love with. It's about a B-boy competition and the US team that is trying to win the "Battle of the Year" competition against favorites from Korea.
The movie has a lot of dancing and some Chris Brown with a bad attitude. But if you have nothing to do and you want to smile I can totally recommend this movie. For all you dancers at heart out there, this one is for you! :)
Check out the trailer below

Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 21
Written: 2014-04-17 ♥ 15:52:17

well thank you #CriminalMinds now I'm completely terrified of pig-masks (?), crazy episode! And yeah, I said PIG-MASKS.
Even though Criminal Minds have 9 season with a lot of crazy I just can't bring myself to stop watching it, witch is kind of crazy for me because I'm afraid of watching scary movies.
There might be some spoilers for the episode so if you haven't watched it yet you might want to stop reading :) But if you like me don't mind some spoilers before you see the episode you can keep on reading.
The episode is about an Un-sub (or unknown subject) who abducts people, the team is called in when the third victim is abducted in a parking lot and the Un-sub leaves her friend behind.
We soon find out that the abductees are still alive and treated as what I describe as livestock, chained to the ceiling by the hands and duck tape over the mouths. 14 minutes in to the episode Morgan and JJ come to the conclusion that the Un-sub might be a women, that is also when she lets Trevor (one of the abductees) go, he was badly tortured and end up in the hospital.
The team connects these abductions to a death at a frat party where a boy drank to much, and they starts to ask some of the other students questions to get closer to the truth.
You can see the trailer for the episode below, and I am going to watch something funny now, so I can try to forget the images in my head from this episode :)

hart of dixie
Written: 2014-04-17 ♥ 14:15:08

I just watched the whole season 2 and my #Zade heart just can't take it. I also discovered that the series isn't renewed for the forth season yet! What is that about CW?
I think we have to do something about that, while I try to pray to the TV-gods for a Zoe and Wade reunion. By the end of season 2 when Wade follows Zoe just to tell her that he loves her, I just love that! What I don't love is that Zoe doesn't say it back and decide to spend the whole summer in New York.
I think I have to go deep in season 3 now and hope for a renewal for season 4.

this weekend ..
Written: 2014-04-11 ♥ 10:27:41

I'm probably not going to have time to watch a whole lot on TV this weekend. Today it's my sisters birthday and we are going to suprise her with something tonight. She knows we are going somewhere but she doesn't know what we are doing. It is going to be a late night with lots of laughs.
Tomorrow i'm going to watch football (soccer) and then i'm going to a party tomorrow night, it's going to be lots of dancing and I think i'm going to have time on Sunday to watch some series and movies, I'm not leaving my bed, that's for sure!
You guys have a good weekend and hopefully i'm going to write some fun stuff tomorrow! :)

my music update
Written: 2014-04-10 ♥ 12:29:05

So i'm back to writing, maybe there will be some other video blogs but not today! :)
I was thinking I should let you know of some new music that i'm listening to right now, maybe it's not new but it's new to me!
» Blake Shelton & Shakira - Medicine
» Luke Bryan - Drunk on You
» Oscar Zia - Kiss (I Don't Know How To Dance)
» Rixton - Hotel Ceiling
» MKTO - Classic
» Brett Eldredge - Beat Of The Music
♦ enjoy

little bit of me
Written: 2014-04-09 ♥ 20:19:30

check me out, my first video blog :) enjoy!

series premieres
Written: 2014-04-09 ♥ 11:46:09

Some of the TV-series that i'm looking forward to right now :)
» The Challenge (April 10)
#MTVthechallenge season 25
» Awkward (April 15)
#Awkward season 4
» So You Think You Can Dance (May 28)
#SYTYCD season 11
» Big Brother (June 25)
#BigBrother #BB season 16
» The X Factor UK (fall 2014)
» Masterchef (May 19)
#MasterchefUS season 5

the voice - battles round 2
Written: 2014-04-08 ♥ 18:13:43

My favorites from the #battlesround2 :)
Team Blake - Jake Worthington, Sisaundra Lewis, Ryan Whyte Maloney
Team Usher - Josh Kaufman, Stevie Jo
Team Shakira - Tess Boyer, Deja Hall, Kristen Merlin
Them Adam - Christina Grimmie, Morgan Wallen
Let the music heel you.
And this time I decided not to write the ones that I loved that got eliminated even though I wanted to.

MTV - The Challenge
Written: 2014-04-08 ♥ 13:28:00

I have in the last few weeks gotten obsessed with Real World/Road Rules The Challenge, it's all kinds of awesome. You can see the trailer above, and some of my favorites are back, like Laurel and CT.
Season 25 starts Thursday the 10 of April! :)

This is 40
Written: 2014-04-06 ♥ 08:34:00

Saw this movie this weekend and I don't think I will see it again. The movie is okay but it is very slow and I feel like the same thing is brought up again and again.
The movie is about a family where the mother and father turns 40 and what life is throwing their way!
The ending, even though it's kind of a happy one, my feeling is not happy when the credits starts to roll.
Have you seen the movie?
Do you agree with me or do you have other thoughts, share your thoughts in the comment section ↓

#HIMYM, Season 9 Episode 23-24
Written: 2014-04-01 ♥ 17:15:45

Episode 23 & 24 "Last Forever: Part One & Part Two" aired on Monday march 31.
what the hell just happened?
Like we haven't had enough of flashbacks and flash-forwards the entire series the two final episodes gives us a stream of them. Even though there were some parts that I didn't like about the finale I can say that "How I Met Your Mother" is one of those series that you carry with you everywhere (like "Friends") 
Barney & Robin's marriage didn't last, I'm kind of sad about that and I'm even more sad when we find out that the mother died. What is that? But I get that the writers had to get the episode to where it had to go! By the way, I love that they ended the series kind of like how they began!
Blue French horn anyone?
And guys, we finally got to find out what the mothers name was, Tracy, so we can stop calling her "the mother" now! :)

"The Voice" Battles - Week Two
Written: 2014-03-30 ♥ 17:58:19

My favorites from this weeks of battles is:
Team Blake - Alaska and Madi (Eliminated), Kaleigh Glanton, Ryan Whyte Maloney
Team Usher - Tanner James (Eliminated), Bria Kelly, Cierra Mickens (Stolen from Team Shakira)
Team Adam - Austin Ellis (Eliminated), Josh Kaufman, Cary Laine (Eliminated), Sam Behymer, Christina Grimmie
Team Shakira - Josh Murley (Stolen from Team Adam), Kristen Merlin, Emily B.
And I'm with Adam on the "you are crazy" remark to Usher when he didn't steel Alaska and Madi, I also loved Austin Ellis that also got eliminated. So sad when there are soooo many good artists, and the second week of battles is just heart crushing for me. Many of my favorites get eliminated as you can see above!
Tomorrow the "battles round 2" begins!

#HIMYM - the final episodes
Written: 2014-03-29 ♥ 09:27:12

Last Forever: part 1 and 2 airs on Monday march 31.
And then there is no more "How I Met Your Mother", we say goodbye to our favorite characters that has been with us since 2005 and all we can do is hope that the finale is as awesome as it can be! :)
Below you can see two previews from the episodes!

Let's be cops
Written: 2014-03-26 ♥ 08:01:13

A movie that has two guys from "New Girl" and one of them was in "Happy Endings" two hilarious guys and two hilarious shows. Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr.
And then the movie also has the lovely vampire girl from "The Vampire Diaries", Nina Dobrev.
This movie just can't go wrong, watch the funny trailer below ↓

#HIMYM, Season 9 Episode 22
Written: 2014-03-25 ♥ 16:51:39

Episode 22 "The End of the Aisle" aired on Monday March 24.

The wedding is here, Robin & Barney's wedding day is upon us and there is some serially doubting going on, cold feet anyone?
We get to find out that Ted actually swam to fish out the locket after "crazy" through it in the river and when Robin says that she doesn't understand why she is marrying Barney when he couldn't find the locket for her, Ted gives it to Barney and says that he has to give it to Robin and say that he found it.
Robin meets the mother when she is trying to run out of the church and the mother tells Robin to close her eyes and take three deep breaths because "three deep breaths can change everything
The episodes ends with Barney and Robin finally making it down the aisle and next week is the 2 hour finale episode!
What can we expect when Ted finally meets the mother? Are we getting her name or will she forever be "the mother"?
Just a side note, I absolutely love Cristin Milioti as the mother, she is just fantastic ♥

movies to look forward to
Written: 2014-03-24 ♥ 14:41:31

so I havn't made a list like this in a while, so here are the movies you can look forward to the comming year!
» Draft Day (April 11)
» The Other Woman (April 25)
» The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (May 2)
» Neighbors (May 9)
» Blended (May 23)
» Maleficent (May 30)
» Think Like a Man Too (June 20)
» Sex Tape (July 18)
» Jupiter Ascending (July 25)
» Dolphin Tale 2 (September 19)
» The Best of Me (October 17)

top 5 ..
Written: 2014-03-22 ♥ 10:11:50 5 #HIMYM moments
I know there should be more than 5 but ... it's called "top 5" so here is just a few of my favorite moments through the years! :)
» The first moment of the series
"Kids, I’m gonna tell you an incredible story, the story of how I met your mother"
- Future Ted
» The Slap-bet, this craziness started in season 2 and have been with us since then.
» When we finally find out at whose wedding Ted meets the mother, and we get to see the bride in her wedding dress for the first time and this is the last moment of season 7.
» Barney & Robin proposal from season 8
» the drinking game based on Robin's "but um" from season 5
For more "top 5"'s click here «
And for more How I Met Your Mother, click here «
there is recaps from all the season (except the last one) and some spoilers from season 9.

Step Up All In
Written: 2014-03-21 ♥ 14:41:53

the trailer is finally here -
enjoy! :)

"The Voice" Battles - Week One
Written: 2014-03-20 ♥ 15:56:00

you know that feeling you get when your favorite is in a battle and you don't know if the coach is going to pick him/her. That lump in your stomach when the seconds seams like hours before you finally here the name that the coach picks and the world seams whole again.
I'm such a neard :)
And I just love "The Voice"
My favorites from this weeks of battles is:
Team Blake - Jake Worthington
Team Usher - T.J. Wilkins & Stevie Jo
Team Adam - Jake Barker (Stolen) & Caleb Elder (Eliminated)
Team Shakira - Patrick Thomson (Stolen)
#SheVine (Blake Shelton & Adam Levine) ♥
feel free to let me know your favorites in the comments below ↓

#HIMYM, Season 9 Episode 21
Written: 2014-03-19 ♥ 15:51:43

Episode 21 "Gary Blauman" aired on march 17 - 2014.
When Gary Blauman shows up at the wedding, it sends the gang into a frenzy as they each recall an encounter with him. Since Robin didn't know he was coming to the wedding she goes to Marshall for help with a place.
Gary Blauman is acually played by Cobie Smulders' real life husband Taran Killam who acually is the center of the story for most of the episode.
We also get a quick look at some of the other people that have been part of the story through the 9 seasons. People like Carl the Bartender, Steve The Blitz, Kevin (Robin's ex boyfriend/therapist) and a few others.
The epsiode starts with this ...
And we get to see Ted and the mothers first date as Ted tells her the story about Blauman.

The Vampire Diaries
Written: 2014-03-18 ♥ 21:49:49

Season 5, Episode 16 promo
It's going to be a crazy one, my favorite part of the promo is of course....
Elena - "I love you"
Damon - "Then stop loving me"
Elena - "I can't"
#Delena forever :)

Brother Bear 2
Written: 2014-03-18 ♥ 09:14:36

I'm kind of late to the party with this one, I have watched the first one many times and I just love it but my first time watching the second "Brother Bear" was yesterday. It was all you can ask from a Disney movie but if i'm going to recomend you to see one of the movies i'm always going to recomend the first one. Even though this was is good to.
We get to reconect with Kenai and Koda and we also get to meet a girl from Kenai's past who plays a big part of the story! If you have a love for the family-movie you should probably watch this one :)

what i'm listening to right now
Written: 2014-03-16 ♥ 12:19:40

Since it's Sunday I thought I would give you some music tips for today, this is what I'm listening to right now.
» Cannonball - Lea Michele
» Vacation - G.R.L
» Yes We Can - Oscar Zia
» 19 You + Me - Dan + Shay
» Sober - Little Big Town
» We Are Tonight - Billy Currington
» She Holds the Key - Gavin DeGraw
» Story of My Life - One Direction
» I Found Someone - Blake Shelton
You can also check out one of my lists on Spotify by clicking this link «
Also, you can preorder Oscar Zia's debut album on, don't forget to do it :)
I Don't Know How To Dance

My favorite Youtube videos
Written: 2014-03-16 ♥ 09:14:18

so this probably could have been placed in the top 5 category (kind of) but since I have a new category named Youtube I though it would be more appropriate :)
 » "History of Rap" with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake
 » "Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing" with Jimmy Fallon & Will Smith
 » "Pop Medley 2013" with Kurt Hugo Schneider & Sam Tsui
 » Evolution of Music - Pentatonix  
 » Top Model på skånska 2
 » "Cup Song" - EXTREME EDITION by Paint
 » Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders: "Call Me Maybe" vs U.S. Troops: "Call Me Maybe"
 » The Vampire Diaries (one of my favorite scenes) Season 13 Episode 19
 » So You Think You Can Dance, season 8 (Sonya Tayeh routine)
 » So You Think You Can Dance, season 6 (Wade & Amanda Robson routine)
 » So You Think You Can Dance, season 2 (Wade Robson routine)
 » So You Think You Can Dance, season 6 (Wade Robson routine)
 » So You Think You Can Dance, season 7 finale (Twitch & Ellen)
 » One Tree Hill, girls dancing
to check out the videos just click on the arrows, wow there was a lot! And I'm sure I missed some of the good ones.

The Blind Side
Written: 2014-03-15 ♥ 17:26:00

"The Blind Side" was an Academy Award Nominee for Best Picture in 2009, Sandra Bullock also won for here role in the Best Actress category.
It's and emotional movie based on a true story about Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatized boy who became an All American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family.
We get to follow Bullock's character, Leigh Anne, when she meets Mickael for the first time and when she takes him in.
For all of you who is often crying at the movies, this one is not going to be easy for you.
I admit that I am one of those people and the story is so wonderful so you can't help but getting invested.
Check out the trailer on Youtube by clicking » here

awkward season 4 premier
Written: 2014-03-15 ♥ 15:22:00

Get excited, "Awkward" is back on April 15th! And it looks like it's going to get crazy bananas fast!
I think I'm team #Jatty this season, aka. Jenna & Matty, but I'm just as easily going back to being on team #Jakenna , aka. Jenna & Jake, although that doesn't sound as awesome!
I think I'm sticking to just trying to wait and see what will happen! And I have to admit that I'm a little excited to have Molly Tarlov back on my screen as Sadie, even though I don't like her, "You're welcome"

awesome dude on youtube
Written: 2014-03-15 ♥ 14:00:00

inspired by this lovely guy (above) Sweden's own Daniel Norberg did his own version about Swedish children's programs from out youth! Check it out here and here :)

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