#HIMYM, Season 9 Episode 23-24

Episode 23 & 24 "Last Forever: Part One & Part Two" aired on Monday march 31.
what the hell just happened?
Like we haven't had enough of flashbacks and flash-forwards the entire series the two final episodes gives us a stream of them. Even though there were some parts that I didn't like about the finale I can say that "How I Met Your Mother" is one of those series that you carry with you everywhere (like "Friends") 
Barney & Robin's marriage didn't last, I'm kind of sad about that and I'm even more sad when we find out that the mother died. What is that? But I get that the writers had to get the episode to where it had to go! By the way, I love that they ended the series kind of like how they began!
Blue French horn anyone?
And guys, we finally got to find out what the mothers name was, Tracy, so we can stop calling her "the mother" now! :)

#HIMYM - the final episodes

Last Forever: part 1 and 2 airs on Monday march 31.
And then there is no more "How I Met Your Mother", we say goodbye to our favorite characters that has been with us since 2005 and all we can do is hope that the finale is as awesome as it can be! :)
Below you can see two previews from the episodes!

#HIMYM, Season 9 Episode 22

Episode 22 "The End of the Aisle" aired on Monday March 24.

The wedding is here, Robin & Barney's wedding day is upon us and there is some serially doubting going on, cold feet anyone?
We get to find out that Ted actually swam to fish out the locket after "crazy" through it in the river and when Robin says that she doesn't understand why she is marrying Barney when he couldn't find the locket for her, Ted gives it to Barney and says that he has to give it to Robin and say that he found it.
Robin meets the mother when she is trying to run out of the church and the mother tells Robin to close her eyes and take three deep breaths because "three deep breaths can change everything
The episodes ends with Barney and Robin finally making it down the aisle and next week is the 2 hour finale episode!
What can we expect when Ted finally meets the mother? Are we getting her name or will she forever be "the mother"?
Just a side note, I absolutely love Cristin Milioti as the mother, she is just fantastic ♥


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