I so deep in #Survivor right now, I just love the show and I have been thinking about another season of All-Stars, here comes who I would like in the cast:
» Candice Cody
» Stephanie Valencia
» Matt Elrod
» Troy "Troyzan" Robertson
» Jeff Kent
To follow them on twitter, click on their name! :)
I also want another Blood VS Water season, that season was crazy!
So Jeff Probst, get on it :)

Survivor season 28

I was waving my hand when Spencer won the immunity in episode 11. Now I'm just hoping Tony or Trish is going. But I don't think this is going to end well. #Survivor this season is filled with blindsides and I'm loving it but I want Spencer to win.
Here's hoping!
Now I'm going to watch tribal council! :)
I'm afraid that Tony is going to play his idol for Trish and then he is going to be saved by his special idol! crap!

Dancing with the Stars

#DWTS semifinals on Monday.
I'm still team #Jeta - Peta Murgatroyd & James Maslow ♥
I also love Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy so right now I'm just hoping that America votes both of them in to the finals.
Check out my favorite dance from Maks and Meryl below! :) (the dancing starts at 02:20)


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