Champions League Final 2014

The final was this past weekend and it was a nail-biter, up until the last 15 minutes of the extra-time Atlético could hold Real Madrid but then the result rann away and the final finaly ended in a Real Madrid win with 4-1. It was looking like Atlético would suprise everyone because they hade the lead since they made their goal in the 36 minute, it wasn't until minute 93 that Real Madrid made their goal and forced the game to go in to extra-time.
I for one thought it was a little sad that Atlético didn't pull off the win but Real Madrid was strong in the last 30 minutes and didn't give up.

FC Barcelona - Arsenal FC

continuing my obsession of football -
Champions League finale 2006 Stade de France in Paris.
Starting for Arsenal is our Swedish guy Fredrik Ljungberg, it always makes me proud when there is someone from Sweden in this kind of games.
Jens Lehmann in Arsenals goal gets the red card 18 minutes in to the game, by this time the score is still 0-0 but i'm thinking that wont last long. Either Arsenal will rise to make up for one less player on the field of Barcelona will take this opportunity and run with it.
0-1 Arsenal, Campbell put his head forward and the goal was beautiful.
In the second half of the game you get to see Swedish Henrik Larsson pass FC Barcelona to victory. The 2 goals that makes Barcelona the champions that year.
Here is an interview with Arsenals Thierry Henry after the game
FC Barcelona - Arsenal FC, 2-1

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I haven't been watching champions league that much but now I have gotten a obsession about it!
most of my friend talk a lot about it and so I want to catch up :)
I started with the champions league finales and asked my cousin witch year I should start in. He said 2005 and now I understand why!
Milan - Liverpool
It's crazy, at halftime the score is 3-0 in favor of Milan, that's when you think it's over for Liverpool but no!
At the 60 minute mark Liverpool is at 3-3.
This match is extended in time witch means 2x15 minutes because the score was 3-3 at full time. And since there were no goals during that 30 minute overtime it resulted in a penalty kick situation.
Penalty kicks Milan - Liverpool
Liverpool's goalkeeper Dudek saves his team and Liverpool wins Champions League 2005


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