May the forth be with you.

So may is apperantly the month of funny. First Justin Timberlake and then the forth of May, I think it's hilarious! 
Today im totally wiped and just watching the last episodes of season 4 of #TVD and tomorrow it's going to be a long day, again! 
Elena, now it is the time to turn on your humanity switch! :) 

It's may

And i'm not going to post the awesome Justin Timberlake flashback, or am I :)
Yes, it's so good that I just changed my mind.
Since it was a red day in Sweden yestarday we had a little party, me and my friends, on wednesday. We had some games and grilled some sausages and just had a great time, today i'm working 7 to 18. It's going to be a long day!

this weekend ..

I'm probably not going to have time to watch a whole lot on TV this weekend. Today it's my sisters birthday and we are going to suprise her with something tonight. She knows we are going somewhere but she doesn't know what we are doing. It is going to be a late night with lots of laughs.
Tomorrow i'm going to watch football (soccer) and then i'm going to a party tomorrow night, it's going to be lots of dancing and I think i'm going to have time on Sunday to watch some series and movies, I'm not leaving my bed, that's for sure!
You guys have a good weekend and hopefully i'm going to write some fun stuff tomorrow! :)


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