FC Barcelona - Arsenal FC

continuing my obsession of football -
Champions League finale 2006 Stade de France in Paris.
Starting for Arsenal is our Swedish guy Fredrik Ljungberg, it always makes me proud when there is someone from Sweden in this kind of games.
Jens Lehmann in Arsenals goal gets the red card 18 minutes in to the game, by this time the score is still 0-0 but i'm thinking that wont last long. Either Arsenal will rise to make up for one less player on the field of Barcelona will take this opportunity and run with it.
0-1 Arsenal, Campbell put his head forward and the goal was beautiful.
In the second half of the game you get to see Swedish Henrik Larsson pass FC Barcelona to victory. The 2 goals that makes Barcelona the champions that year.
Here is an interview with Arsenals Thierry Henry after the game
FC Barcelona - Arsenal FC, 2-1

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