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So i'm so deep into a #TVD marathon right now, my friend was on the first season and I watched two episodes with him last weekend (episode 13-14) and after that I had to start from there and watch all the episodes again. I'm currently on season 3 epsiode 1 but I thought I would take this opportunity and list my favorite characters from the series :)
SPOILERS in the descriptions below
#TVD = The Vampire Diaries
♥ Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev)
the one and only girl that we all love and are all jealous of, she has both Salvatore boys at her side most of the time and to follow her love for everyone of her friends and family is just incredible. I don't think anyone else than Nina could play this role and do it as well as her.
♥ Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder)
at the beginning he was the villain but I always loved his fire and crazy ways, when the second and third season met I where totally in love with Damon and I quickly became a #Delena fan.
♥ Alaric Saltzman (Matthew Davis)
My heart breaks as soon as I think about him but he will always be one of my favorites on the show. With his charming ways and amazing heart he walked right in to the role of Elena and Jeremy's guardian at the right time. The vampire hunter and teacher who became a part of the greatest bromance of all time #Dalaric (Damon & Alaric)
"I miss you buddy"
♥ Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley)
with the heart of gold the first season revolves around his love for Elena and how he struggles with the fact that he is a vampire. His love for Elena and for his brother Damon is what keeps him sane and at season 4-5 we get to explore his heartwarming friendship with Caroline.
♥ Caroline Forbes (Candice Accola)
at the beginning the girl with the blond hair was almost invisible but when Katherine killed her at the hospital with Damon's blood in her system she came back as kick ass "Vampire Blondie" and found her place in my heart. With her comedic comments in hard times and her love for everyone around her I couldn't live with a Mystic Falls without her.
♥ Lexi Branson (Arielle Kebbel)
Arielle gives life to Stefans best friend and rescuer when he falls in to his ripper pattern, although she isn't a part of many episodes the ones she is in she finds her way to make a mark on me.
♥ Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev)
The always fierce Katharina Petrova, also played by amazingly talented Nina Dobrev, is the original doppelganger who escaped from Klaus when he was in England and turned herself into a vampire only to spend the next 500 years on the run from Klaus and his followers. She fell in love with human Stefan and Damon in 1864 only to fake her own death the same night they turned to become vampires for her.
♥ Klaus (Joseph Morgan)
The all powerful badguy who started with taking over Alarics body only to end season 2 with him killing Aunt Jenna and Elena (although Elenas father "Uncle John" saved Elena from that by giving up his own life). In season 3 we get to know Klaus and also find out that he and Stefan was once friends, back when Stefan was a ripper in Chicago but Klaus compelled Stefan to forget that. Klaus is also a part one of my favorite couples on the series #Klaroline
For more on "The Vampire Diaries" keep an eye on my blog :) There will be some recaps from the seasons and episodes.

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