the Amazing Spider-Man 2

Spoiler ahead!
I say this yesterday and it was .... well wow! the whole movie was funny, amazing, heart wrenching, crazy... it was Spider-Man. We got to find out some more about what happened with Peter's parents and Spider-Man gets a new enemy, or actually two new ones. First it's Max who was an electric technician at Oscorp and then Peter's childhood friend Harry Oscorp. I liked the movie up till Gwen's supposedly death. Peter just told her that he was going with her to England and then all hell broke loose. After defeating Max aka. Electro with Gwen's help, Harry comes. Crazy half transformed and with a flying board at his aide.
Spider-man after a little crazy fighting knocks Harry unconscious only too almost save Gwen from falling from a very high place all the way down to a concrete floor. As I'm seeing this scene when Spider-man catches her just as she is hitting the floor with a net I am just saying over and over "wake up, just wake up"
But then there is a funeral and I'm still thinking they are just trying to make it seem that she is dead, she is coming back for the next movie and we are going to find out that the funeral was for someone else. But the more I look the more I think that that is just my dream for the movies.
We just have to wait and see.

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