#HIMYM, Season 9 Episode 19

The end is nearing and it's sad and all kinds of emotions right now.
Episode 19 "Vesuvius" aired on monday march 3 and it was funny and amazing and you know... sad!
We get a visit from some of the characters from previous seasons that we have grown to love! This season is a lot about wrapping everything up and getting a change to see them all again.
In this episode we get a visit from Jed Mosley (played by Chris Kattan) in the movie that Stellas fiance made about Ted & Stellas breakup/relationship. We find out that a sequal was made and Robin wants to watch it on her weddingday.
This makes Lily a little mad -
So she goes to her room and gets a dress, a dress that she is saying she is going to wear to the wedding because Robin is not acting like it's her weddingday.
We also get to se more of the mother and two cliffhangers, sort of! The first one is that Robin's mother shows up to be a part of her weddingday, and then we jump to Ted and the mother talking and the mother say "what kind of mother dosn´t come to be a part of her daughters weddingday" that statement makes Ted a little teary eyed and he almost starts to cry.
What do you think that is about? We just have to tune in to the last 5 episodes to find out! The last two episodes is going as a one hour episode on march 31.
About the series ending, I have the same feeling i had when "Friends" ended, sad and confused about how i'm going to do without the series! I just have to do the same as I did with "Friends" and have marathons regularly.
don't hesitate to comment ↓ if there is something you would like me to know!

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