Hart of dixie

OMG, i just watched the new series "hart of Dixie" with rachel bilson in the lead,
So freaking awesome, think that this is going to be one of my new favorites if the series front!
And only one episode in, bold statement ;)

Nightynight everybody :)


soon im going to move, now the question is how am i going to get all my movies with me?
there is so so so many ;)

but todays movie is beastly, omg .. so freakin' good :)
watch it, trust me.. is kind of amazing! :)

series premieres

so this week there has been a lot of series premiering,
so i have been occupied from writing .. but that going to change :)

anyway, we can start with "how i met your mother" that started on monday, two episodes and i have to say so so so awesome :) i just have one thing, the suspence is killing me! WHO is barney going to marry?
hoping for robin - dont you ?
come on now those two are (in highpitched voice) AWEEEESOME !

moving on to NCIS and NCIS LA, i haven't watched them yet but im on my way now :)
i have been completly caught up in project runway season 9, i didn't know it started so i had 9 episodes to catch up on ;)

now its NCIS time ;)


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