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I wrote an post about this not to long ago but there is so many clips on youtube that are amazing, and I just would like too share some of my favorites here!
» Dan+Shay - "Can't Say No" Cover by Brody Ray 
» You And I - One Direction (Restless Road Cover) 
» Stay With Me - Sam Smith (Hannah Trigwell acoustic cover)
» Rajiv Dhall - Fall (Justin Bieber Cover) 
» "Human" - Christina Perri (Austin & Kurt Schneider Cover) 
» Sam Smith - Stay With Me (Jackson Harris Cover)
My favorite song right now is "Stay With Me" with Sam Smith so covers of the song is something that i'm so in love with too! ♥

movie tonight!

so i'm working late today and I am thinking that I would like to go see a movie tonight. Since i'm close to the cinema and there are some movies that I would like to see!
I am deciding between "Divergent" and "Maleficent"
Right now i'm leaning towards"Maleficent" just because i'm reading the book "Divergent" and I want to read it all the way through before I see the movie.
Maybe i'm going to be to tired to see any of those two but we will see!
I'm going to keep you updated! :)

Champions League Final 2014

The final was this past weekend and it was a nail-biter, up until the last 15 minutes of the extra-time Atlético could hold Real Madrid but then the result rann away and the final finaly ended in a Real Madrid win with 4-1. It was looking like Atlético would suprise everyone because they hade the lead since they made their goal in the 36 minute, it wasn't until minute 93 that Real Madrid made their goal and forced the game to go in to extra-time.
I for one thought it was a little sad that Atlético didn't pull off the win but Real Madrid was strong in the last 30 minutes and didn't give up.


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