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I haven't been watching champions league that much but now I have gotten a obsession about it!
most of my friend talk a lot about it and so I want to catch up :)
I started with the champions league finales and asked my cousin witch year I should start in. He said 2005 and now I understand why!
Milan - Liverpool
It's crazy, at halftime the score is 3-0 in favor of Milan, that's when you think it's over for Liverpool but no!
At the 60 minute mark Liverpool is at 3-3.
This match is extended in time witch means 2x15 minutes because the score was 3-3 at full time. And since there were no goals during that 30 minute overtime it resulted in a penalty kick situation.
Penalty kicks Milan - Liverpool
Liverpool's goalkeeper Dudek saves his team and Liverpool wins Champions League 2005

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