#HIMYM season 7, recap

We start the season at the last wedding Ted ever thought he'd be at. Barney's wedding and they start talking. Barney's afraid that his wedding is going to be the worst wedding ever.
Then we cut to "the worst wedding ever", Punchy's wedding.
The wedding that Marshall ruined. M & L also told the gang at the wedding that Lily were pregnant.
Robin - "If you have chemistry, the only other thing you need is timing! But timing is a bitch!"
Shmosby as Ted is called by Punchy starts to cry while giving the wedding toast again.
Victoria comes back for a little kiss with Ted and some words of wisdom.
We also get to see Barney with the Ducky tie and Robin starts to date her therapist, Kevin. The slutty pumpkin comes back for one episode when we get to see that she's not right for Ted.
Lily & Marshall gets a house from Lily's grandparent that is in Long Island.. Lily want's too live there because of pregnancy brain.
Ted - "A boy scout is always what?"
Robin - "Unpopular?" Lily - "Beaten up?" Barney - Going to movies with his mom?"
Ted - "A boy scout is always prepared."
Robin - "Prepared to spend lunch in his locker?" Marshall - "Prepared to die a virgin?"
Barney - "Prepared to paint his sisters nails?"
Barney & Robin cheat with etch other on Nora & Kevin. Barney dumps Nora for Robin, Robin stays with Kevin and breaks Barneys heart.
Barney meets Quinn, who is a stripper.
Kevin proposes and Robin tells him she can't have children. So he breaks up with her.
Ted tells Robin that he loves her and Marshall tells Robin to move out. Ted moves out and gives the apartment to Marshall & Lily who have been living in the house on Long Island.
Barney starts dating Quinn and they move in together. Lily goes in to labor and gives birth to little baby Marvin.
Ted tries again with Victoria who leaves her fiancée at the altar, for Ted!
The last episode shows us Barney's bride!
And she is ........ what for it ..........

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