Criminal Minds Season 9 Episode 21

well thank you #CriminalMinds now I'm completely terrified of pig-masks (?), crazy episode! And yeah, I said PIG-MASKS.
Even though Criminal Minds have 9 season with a lot of crazy I just can't bring myself to stop watching it, witch is kind of crazy for me because I'm afraid of watching scary movies.
There might be some spoilers for the episode so if you haven't watched it yet you might want to stop reading :) But if you like me don't mind some spoilers before you see the episode you can keep on reading.
The episode is about an Un-sub (or unknown subject) who abducts people, the team is called in when the third victim is abducted in a parking lot and the Un-sub leaves her friend behind.
We soon find out that the abductees are still alive and treated as what I describe as livestock, chained to the ceiling by the hands and duck tape over the mouths. 14 minutes in to the episode Morgan and JJ come to the conclusion that the Un-sub might be a women, that is also when she lets Trevor (one of the abductees) go, he was badly tortured and end up in the hospital.
The team connects these abductions to a death at a frat party where a boy drank to much, and they starts to ask some of the other students questions to get closer to the truth.
You can see the trailer for the episode below, and I am going to watch something funny now, so I can try to forget the images in my head from this episode :)

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