#HIMYM, Season 9 Episode 20

Episode 20 "Daisy" that aired on march 10 - 2014
Marshall gets Barney and Ted to help him find out where Lily went when she walked out on their fight. And it leads to meting the Captain again, we also find out that he is now married to "boats boats boats" Becky. Marshall thinks that Lily is cheating at first and then "the Mosby boys" get on the case, meaning Ted, and he thinks that Lily is smoking again. But by the end of the episode we find out that Lily really can keep a secret!
We also get some time with Robins mother (played by Tracey Ullman)
And the secret that Lily is keeping.......
....... you have to watch the episode to find out, that spoiler is not going to be written here :)
Trailer for the next episode ↓

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