National Treasure

This movie is just increadible, I watch it at least 6 times a year!
The second one (National Treasure, Book of Secrets) is even better, it's exciting and just two awesome movies! And with the precence of Nicolas Cage, you just can't go wrong!
The first one starts of with a little boy (Benjamin) up in his grandfathers attic, curious and looking for something! He gets supriced by his grandfather who starts to tell him a story! About the Knights Templar and a treasure!
"The secret lies with Charlotte"
Jump forward to present day when Ben has grown up and finally found the Charlotte buried. The adventure begins almost right away and we get to follow Benjamin Gates and Riley Poole on their adventure to find the treasure! They also get joined by the lovely Abigail Chase played by Diane Kruger.
Book of Secrets starts of with an accusation that leads to that Benjamin Gates must follow a clue left in John Wilkes Booth's diary to prove his ancestor's innocence in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.We get to see our favorite characters again and we get to follow Ben in his quest to clear his ancestor's name!
We get to meet the (movie) President and we get to love him even though Ben kidnaps him.
"I'm going to kidnap the President of the United States"
Both the movies are hilarius and filled with adventure!
If you havn't seen them yet, you really should...... :)

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